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Hello There.

I am Kal.L πŸ‘‹. Currently a Software engineer in Tokyo, Japan. Welcome to my page. I update here to show my recent works and thoughts from time to time. I hope you enjoy it.

Stuff I made.

GBFinder Omega - γ‚°γƒ©γƒ–γƒ«ζ•‘ζ΄ζ€œη΄’γƒ»γƒžγ‚°γƒŠ

Granblue Fantasy raid finder written in Go and React


JS library to convert string between full-width and half-width


Discord bot to auto-assign roles


ML model to count the number of Magikarp in a youtube live stream

Things that happened.

2023 ⛷️

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    Software engineer in a big startup 🌊

    Creating best experience for users and developers

2022 πŸ—Ό

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    Software engineer in a telecom company πŸ“±

    Created something to deal with enormous amount of data πŸ“Š

2021 πŸ’‰

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    Software engineer in a fin-tech startup πŸ’°

    Created something to make bank website into api.

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    Software engineer in a health startup 🌲

    Created a RN mobile app powered by AI health bot.

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    Graduate πŸŽ“

    Made an AI to help people ride metro on time!

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    App Developer Intern at navigation company πŸ—ΊοΈ

    Guessed air pollution intake from user GPS data and plot it on map

2020 😷

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    Software Engineer Intern in an investment bank 🏦

    Created a flexible and fail-safe server deployment engine

2019 β˜‚οΈ

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    Joined a huge camping festival in United State β›Ί

    Lifetime moment for me to meet so many people and friends from all over the world


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    me = new Human() 🍼

    Hello world